The Japanese Studies Section conducts research in the following fields:

– Japanese literature
– History of Japan
– History of Japanese culture
– Japanese religion and philosophy
– Aestethics and art of Japan
– Japanese language and linguistics
– Classical Japanese language
– Japanese theatre
– History of Polish-Japanese relations
– Cultural and social issues of Japan

Japanese Studies involve a broad spectrum of the Japanese culture and language. They have been divided into a number of specializations such as literature, history, language, philosophy and religion, aesthetics. The language training that consists the students main focus during the first two years of their education forms a solid foundation for further research. Outstanding students can apply for scholarships in Japan, granted on the basis of several exchange programs with Japanese universities. The first exchange agreement has been signed in 1979 with the renowned University of Tokyo – this arrangement also enables the Japanese Studies to hold courses by visiting professors from Japan. Japanese institutions have repeatedly acknowledged our Section’s share in research and popularization of Japanese culture in Poland, and its role in bringing the two countries together. The Japan Foundation Prize and the diploma of Japan’s Foreign Minister can serve as two prestigious distinctions to prove our worth. However, the distinction we hold most dear was the visit of Their Majesties Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in 2002.